Send the submitted data to a PDF via mail in Awesome Forms with Logo, title and address etc

€275 of €700 raised

We’re proceeding with the crowdfunded addition to the Awesome Forms module that enables the ability to send the submitted data to a PDF.

As previously mentioned, the feature will also enable the App Admin to add their logo and other company information to the PDF header when it’s submitted (ex: Report Title, Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, etc.). This bonus feature will enable App Admins to create professional project reports, job estimations, anylitical reports, mortgate/car inquiry reports, and much more!

Another great feature will be for the App User to be able to receive the results in addition to the App Admin. A PDF of the results will be emailed as an attachment with the form results to the User and/or to the Admin.

The new PDF addition will be completed within 4-6 weeks.It will be released as an update to all.You need active awesome forms license to install the update.

As previously discussed, the cost to add this feature to the Awesome Forms module is 700 €.

Any/all contributions are accepted but larger contributions will ensure that our goal is reached. We’re looking to have the funding goal fulfilled within 3 weeks from today(2 Dec 2021).

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Donation Total: €100,00