This module simplify process of customising the css codes which is added by platform owner.

Platform owner can upload one ore more css  code as templates/themes from backoffice , they can choose it to auto apply on all the apps or editable by user on editor side.

User can can just visit the themes page and add one more themes to their app. They can even change the css property to match their need.

This is perfect way to give them professional UI and still allow them to change some property.

We can add/edit css code from design section then why this module ?

here are few scenarios where you need this module

— CSS editor is best if your user is familiar with it but if they are not aware of css code then it’s challenging.
— in this module user is not messing with real css code so less chances of mistakes and thus less support needed.
— Set of  multiple css code uploaded by platform owners is available for user to reuse them and can be edited via form
— This module gives option to auto apply css codes to all the apps without needing your users to edit/add them to app




  • Add multiple sets of CSS code as theme via backoffice and unlimited multiple themes supported
  • Auto apply few/all themes to all the apps on platform
  • User can add multiple css themes to single app
  • Simple editing of css properties via form
  • Multiple photos for each theme is allowed so user can see it before adding to app
  • User can add/edit/delete theme from app via editor
  • Single line comment added in css becomes information for user when editing property

Note :

— No css code/theme is provided by this module, You will have to write your own css code and upload via backoffice, just for your quick reference you can use sample css code from here
— We can write custom css code based on your requirement for a fee, send us your requirement via contact form available on bottom right of the page.

— Lifetime support license is available till 10 May 2021 and when purchased it will be yearly license initally and will be converted to lifetime license within 24-48 hours manually.



  1. Install the module by following install instruction provided in purchase mail.
  2. Go to Backoffice -> Manage -> Modules -> App Themes and add css code with images
  3. User can visit Editor -> Module -> Themes and add/edit themes added by platform owner

Demo and Setup Video