This script allows you to create dynamic user dashboard with internal links within iframe using source code feature.

You can create seperate set of links or content for guest and logged in users.

If user is logged in he will see different content and for guest you can show different content.

This script is completely customizable and you can show any content as per your wish.

How to customize this script ?

After pasting the script in source code, at the top of script you will see simple html links, you can edit links as usual.  Whatever you write will be visible to all users as usual in source code feature.

How to Make Content/Link Visible to Logged in User Only ?

Just add a css class “private” to any div or link, it will be visible only if you are logged in.

<a data-state="catalog-product-view" class="private" data-params="value_id:284,product_id:5" data-offline="true">mobile</a>


How to Make Content/Link Visible to Guest User Only?
Just add a css class “guest” to any div or link, it will be visible only if you are not logged in.

<a data-state="catalog-product-view" class="guest" data-params="value_id:284,product_id:5" data-offline="true">mobile</a>

All other contens without above mentioned class will be visible to all.

Note :
1. This script uses logged in customer info , to show hide sample menus/content, it’s your job to customise content/links as per your requirements.
2. After purchase you will get simple html code which can be used in source code module, nothing to install
3. This is simple script without any support,If you need any other suppor/additional changes, we will charge nomimal fee for our efforts and time.
4.Code which make this functionality work is at the bottom of the script, do not modify unless you know what you are doing.