It’s very important to know users activity inside App for

Do you know ?

1. How many people are using your app
2. At what time they are using it
3. How much time they spend daily
4. Which is most popular feature in app where user is spening most of the time
5. Everything about users doing inside your app

If you value your users behaviour and want to know insights then nobody can help better than Google Analytics

We are happy to introduce GA Tracker Module for Siberian,Just install and let your customer start tracking users events and Page views.

All your customer to see what users love in their App and help them to improve their app— and make your app business more successful.

It’s must have for each app and your clients will love this module.

Features –

  1. Easy to install from backend as Module.
  2. Track the app events for SAE /MAE/PE
  3. Setup different GA profile / Identifier for each app, and yes it happens with few clicks
  4. GA dashboard integrated inside Siberian App editor, your clients don’t need to learn GA to see the reports
  5. Page views tracking integrated
  6. Other internal button click events are not tracked for now.
  7. Opening ,closing features/menus and commerce tracking integrated.
  8. Compare weekly ,yearly stats , country wise graph
  9. Realtime online Visitor tracking integrated inside Siberian GA dashboard
  10. Translations included
  11. One minute GA account setup within Siberian App editor,
  12. Your clients will never leave your site to setup and view dashboard but they will have more advanced reporting available if they visit Google Analytics page.

After installation visit Backoffice -> Modules -> Google Analytics for activating the module by adding domain and client-id.