This script allows you to integrate Siberian Logged in Customer data with external link within iframe using source code feature.

This is best possible way to integrate external website using iframe, even you can make auto login to external site work seemless.

Script pulls current logged in user data and passes user data to extrenal link in url.

For example if you want to integrate


Then this module will open link[email protected] so that at your website end you can automatically do processing and show your user customized behaviour.

This way your user is always within app and he never knows he is accessing external site.

Note :
1. This script just passes logged in info to your link provided, it’s your job to handle/process this data.
2. After purchase you will get simple html code which can be used in source code module, nothing to install
3. This is simple script without any support,If you need any other suppor/additional changes, we will charge nomimal fee for our efforts and time.
4. Your url should allow opening link in iframe.