New and Dynamic Module which allows user to view Places near by.


Note: This module is not related to official Places module but it’s brand new independent module which takes data from Awesome Forms Module as source. This way you have 100% control over field/data you want to display on Place detail page.  This module is useful only if you have Awesome Forms module and we request you to buy only if you already have Awesome Forms module.


  1. Personalization and Customization is the priority of this module.
  2. Customize icon Image on map
  3. Option to show title,picture and description field on map icon click
  4. Full Control over Places detail pages , create any field, drag and drop order based on awesome forms settings
  5. Google Maps and Waze for route direction
  6. Use html tags in title and description for better control on look and feel
  7. 100% translation included
  8. Settings to show / hide field label
  9. Settings to map fields with Awesome forms data


How it works

— It takes data from awesome forms feature and map geolocation field (new location/Address fields added in Awesome Forms) to get the near by places and display the results on map, after clicking any places it shows simple popup with title,description,image etc. Clicking view details will take you to detail page.

Use cases:

  1. Show nearby Client Locations/Offices
  2. City Maps
  3. Chain of Restaurants
  4. And much more – please do let us know if you are using it for any other scenarios

It’s amazing module as you can just use it for any purpose you can think of, combination of awesome forms and nearby places is going to be used by all your clients.