Platform Signup Module creates easiest and clean interface/flow for your clients to signup and create apps.

User Flow

  1. User can type in App name and App is created automatically without asking email/password.
  2. User can add/edit features to thier app and can change look and feel from style/design section
  3. And when they are satisfied then can click on publish to create account and pay for service if configured.



  • Easiest and Clean UI
  • Quick App creation – even it allows you to create app without asking email/password, just App name is enough. And it deletes all the app which have not completed all three steps automatically.
  • Customise all three steps using css/javascript – Option available in backoffice -> Manage -> Modules -> Signup
  • Seemless integration of steps from  App creation  to publish / Payment.
  • Use any App as Templates on Signup Page – ( Disabled for now as  duplicate App feature is not fully functional )
  • Standalone Module and never breaks your existing Signup flow. This module is available from seperate URL  and it’s functionality never messes with existing flow. So you can use both the flow without any problems.
  • MAE – Allow user to create Apps like PE, user can create App and request for publication
  • PE – User can create App and request for publication with Payment if configured.
  • This module has possiblity of doing everything a App Admin wants but we will limit or add more option to keep this module clean in future updates. This module has huge scope and will improve based on your feedback and support.


Demo :



  1. Download and Install the Module from Backoffice -> Modules Section
  2. Access the module from
  3. More customisationsettings can be accessed from  backoffice -> Manage -> Modules -> Signup
  4. Please note Use any App as Templates on Signup Page is disabled for now so selecting any App as templates from backoffice has no effect on signup flow.