This script allows you to replace Siberian default images inside editor with your own images.

There are two scenarios where this script can be helpful.

1. Sometimes you don’t like¬† one or more images
2. You are using siberian cms in other language than english but all the images are having content in english.

As you know images can’t be translated so this module will help you to replace those images with yours.

It’s very easy to setup and run this script. Please follow demo video for setup and instructions.

Note :
1. After purchase you will get simple html code which can be pasted in backoffice -> Settings -> Communication-> Online Chat section
2. This is simple script without any support,If you need any other suppor/additional changes, we will charge nomimal fee for our efforts and time.
3.Code which make this functionality work is at the bottom of the script, do not modify unless you know what you are doing.