Do you need to completely customised landing page and user signup flow for your platform ?

Note: We are working on improvement of this module with complete flow and demo, we are not accepting new sales for now, support will be provided to active licenses as usual.

WordPress Integration into Siberian Platform helps you to have user registration on wordpress and get it synced to Siberian automatically.

You have 100% control over design and signup flow using thousands of wordpress modules and this module gives user a simple auto login link in wordpress to sync account automatically and let user login to Siberian Platform from wordpress itself.

The Problem:
1. For MAE there is no way user can signup
2. For PE we have simple login/signup page but limited customization

This module helps you to let user Signup from wordpress and auto login to Siberian Platform.

You have lot’s other opportunity to integrate other WordPress Modules like Membership , CRM , Invoices and possibilities are endless.

Please note:
This module doesn’t work with SAE and It guarantees the Signup Integration from WordPress to Siberian. Integration with Other wordpress Plugin is seamless and without any additional work but we don’t guarantee any support for other wordpress plugin. We will be happy to assist you for a small fee incase you need any other wordpress plugin integration like CRM,Membership,Invoicing,Cart etc.

How to Install ?
There are two seperate files
1. Siberian Module installation and setup –

a. Install it from your Siberian Backoffice
b. Create a Api user ( Manage-> Users -> API) with username  ( it’s complete domain name of your wordpress site)
this helps to protect your siberian platform to be used by authorised wordpress plugin
2. WordPress Plugin –
a. unzip the file and copy paste to wp-content/plugins folder of wordpress and activate the plugin.
b. Go to Siberian Settings Menu and Setup site url of your Siberian Platform.
c.  Use this Short Tag on any page After user Signup , you can use any wordpress plugin to have custom signup form and then redirect user to this page for autlogin into Siberian System
[siberiancms ]

That’s it,
You have choice to integrate any other wordpress plugin to charge user at wordpress side and then forward user on auto login page, possibilities are endless.

Demo Video-


Demo Link
[siberiancms ]