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You can copy past below code in your app editor css section if you want to customize Awesome forms or use this code as reference for other pages customization

//hide graph

ion-view[state=”awesomeforms-list”] .item-custom img {display:none};
ion-view[state=”awesomeforms-list”] [class=”item item-custom item-select”] {display:none};


//hide field lable on top of table
ion-view[state=”awesomeforms-list”] .list:nth-child(2) {display:none};

// hide everything else except ADD button

ion-view[state=”awesomeforms-list”] [class=”table container ng-table”] {display:none};
ion-view[state=”awesomeforms-list”] [class=”ng-table-counts btn-group pull-right”] {display:none};
ion-view[state=”awesomeforms-list”] [class=”ng-binding”] {display:none};

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