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Hi guys,

We are looking for someone that is able to develop for us the following functionalities in Siberian CMS.

1st a module that allows us to select in which pages we want to display Admob ads

2nd a module that allows us to generate an in-app purchase, that works as a user system. If the user pays he/she can access restricted contet of the app, if user don’t pay he can’t see that content. This will happen in a specific area of the app, that means when the user gets into a specific area of the app he/she will see a page showing a message that invites him to pay to continue viewing the app or login if he already purchased the in-app purchase. It’s like a paid login system that allows the users to see restricted specific content of the app.

thank you so much.

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Hello pablogrk,

Thanks for reaching out on Support!

  1. We will try it in future. We will let you know once we start to develop it.
  2. We are already working on it.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

Support team.

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Ads and in-app module

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April 12, 2024 11:48 pm