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Hi team,
how can you set up bookingpro to be able to book an umbrella on the map for one or more days? As it is set up now, it does not book and cannot be used for beach booking services

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Hi Francesco,
To book an umbrella on the map for one or more days, make sure to have bellow settings:

  1. “Enable service time” should be => No
  2. “List View” should be => Map List

There should be atleast 1 accommodation created for each of your products (you wish to visible on map). And then those accommodations must be placed/marked on map view editor (to show the position of the accommodation/umbrella on map).
sharing screens of settings & map view after setup which is allowing multiple days booking for a umbrella/product.
Let us know if you have any concern!

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this was an old post of mine (May 7th) and I solved it.
the problem is in the post I posted yesterday


Hello Mr. Francesco,

Thank you for reaching out on Support!
I have forwarded your query to our team. we will look intothis and fix it as soon as possible.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Support Team.

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