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  1. Payment option information does not appear in the order received from Marketplace.
  2. Delivery option information does not appear in the order received from Market Place.
  3. Marketplace Instant alert notification should be received for incoming orders (this must be mandatory)
  4. Commerce pro home page runs slow, it should be speeded up.
  5. Shipday Courier rope system not working
  6. After adding a product, the product is not deleted in the marketplace area – it cannot be removed. (The store should be able to delete its products.)
  7. When registering a store in the marketplace, it should be able to bring the store location with a button.
  8. The user should be able to send a location as a new option when ordering a product.
  9. When opening a store in the marketplace area, a field that will make annual dues payment should be added.
  10. On the Marketplace, it should be seen how many days until the end of the customer’s membership.
  11. The order printout (receipt) should be in a more professional design.
  12. In Commerce pro, the store must be passive outside of working hours
  13. The store should create the subcategory itself when adding products
  • On the store page, there should be an option to show products in 3 and 4 columns.
  • When the store confirms the order, an automatic notification should be sent to the user who placed the order.
  • Must have webcast for Commerce pro and market place.
  • Users should be able to enter more than one address (such as Home Address, Work Address and other addresses)
  • There should be an automatic location button for each edres so that users can order more easily.
  • Businesses should have an automatic location button instead of typing an address when creating a store.
  • In the store, each business must choose their own payment method (Shopier credit card payment, Paytr credit card payment and enter bank accounts must be the bank name and account number, and the account holder name.
  • Commerce pro should be like the photo I sent on the bottom of the page.

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Thanks for your detailed feedback, we are working on few items , should be able to update you by next week.


Hello Mobi Applic,

Thank you very much for reaching out on Support. I have forwarded your queries to our Team.
Our team will get back to you soon.

Have a nice day!!

Best Regards,
Support Team

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