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Commerce pro single store use also. If products are selected on the main screen, the product categories do not appear in a rounded shape. The categories appear as a list at the bottom.
This issue needs to be resolved.

Another important subject
It would be more useful if there was a mobilcart-like management panel for the marketplace store pages. In addition, stores should use this management panel from the computer.
Every order that comes to the store must have an audible notification on both mobile and computer.

Virgo is a major problem
The bank account part is not set for all countries. For example, bank name cannot be written, bank account cannot be written IBAN number cannot be written, account holder information cannot be written. This issue must be resolved urgently.

Also, payment channels should be added.
Example local baka pos must be connected. This is because payment companies charge high commissions and transfer money late.
E-Wallet is useless in this module. For example, for turkey, PAYTR, IYZICO and SHOPIER should be added.

On the marketplace side, the shop panel should be more comprehensive.
For example, the store should see how many sales it has made daily, monthly and yearly, and how many visitors have come to the bazaar.
Incoming order receipts should be professional and the store should be able to print the receipt immediately whenever it wants.
Currently, the payment method and delivery information are not visible in the marketplace.
This is a huge problem for the store.

The application user should evaluate both the store and the product. The point system should be a star system, not a number.
In addition, users should be able to comment on both the product and the store.
One important thing is that users should be able to complain about the store. For this, a short form should be added by adding a report button to the store area.

This issue is very, very important for mobile application operators.
When a business owner opens a store, there must be an area where they will pay a membership fee each year. In case the fee is not paid, the store owner should not log in to the store panel. Membership period should be displayed with countdown in the shop panel.
In order to make the membership payment by bank transfer, the mobile application manager should be able to enter the bank information on the membership fee payment button.

Finally, the option to apply commission to the mobile application manager stores should be added. The manager should be able to enter the commission rates he wants to the store he wants.

In case of making these shortcomings, this module sells well all over the world and the world does not use any other marketplace than this module.

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