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Using a camera, the customer frames a barcode that I in turn associated with the product (the “enter the barcode” field must be created in the editor), so the customer can search by barcode and open the relevant tab, for example: I have a bottle of coke at home and I scan the barcode of the coca cola and the app does the search and if it finds the coke, it opens the relevant tab,

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Please fix below issues

1. The currency we are using is GBP (£). The email order confirmation is in GBP (£). However in ‘Orders’ section in the CMS, the currency is showing as USD ($).

2. The receipt printing when using Migaprint, prints the receipts in USD ($) too, when it should be GBP (£)

3. The address format in the email order confirmation needs fixing. The post code should be on a new line and not next to the city.

4. While creating store make – tax rate as mandatory, it’s optional now and creates issue if not filled in

5. Add barcode functionality in Category List and Product List View too

Other Barcode related changes are live .

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