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The previous shipping options are limited to one system only. One price for all products per shop.
To create a marketplace for different stores with different products, you need different shipping options.
It would make sense to assign different shipping options to the products themselves. Domestic shipping costs € 2, shipping abroad costs € 5. In order to send products abroad, it makes sense to enter countries in the manual product that the customer can select with the respective prices. Specific countries that the seller can enter manually.
Some products are larger or heavier and shipping costs more than small packages.
for example:
Shipping country is Germany: Shipping within the country costs € 2 to Austria € 5, to Italy € 15 for standard products, products that are more expensive to ship therefore require more expensive shipping.
Based on the selected countries and products, the shipping is calculated from the entire purchase, the expensive shipping should then only be calculated not all together.

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The above applies to physical products
a well-engineered system is also required for a food delivery service.
In the case of free shipping with different zones, the free shipping should be free up to, for example, 1 additional zone. If the delivery is further away, the wider zones should intervene if the delivery is further away. It’s a little more complicated, but that’s the only way to make it profitable for business.
I’ve been seeing how things are going for months, here in the country it’s not about euros like in europe but with cents (20-50cents). We deliver the food for restaurants and that’s where it is very important, even if it’s only 10-20 cents.
I’m now at the beginning and create a marketplace with all sorts of articles shoes, clothes, books, and larger and heavier products. Because of the shipping option, it is really difficult or impossible to accept some deals, which is detrimental to the business due to the lack of revenue.


Yes, it would be a very useful option

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