Hello All,
We have started with UI and made some progress.
Please find below screens as our planned UI for community module, we are hoping final module to be same but consider some changes due to some technical challenges or other reasons.
Many of our contributors have asked us to integrated Custom Profile module for profile page of users in the app.
Custom Profile will give you advantage over flexibility of using different fields.
1. If we use Custom Profile module then Profile Module will be compulsory module to use Community module and you will have benefits of creating any custom fields type for different use cases.
2. If we don’t use custom Profile module then it won’t be needed to use Community module but you will have fixed set of fields to use as profile.
Please reply your opinion as comment so that we can decide and proceed further.
Going forward we will be using this thread to update you on progress.
feel free to write your opinion in this threa

Answered question

Hello everyone
The module turned out really great, good work. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

I’ve seen that you can create groups and assign members. I think the subscribers should choose their own groups and they could create their own groups instead of just assigning them to groups. that’s not exactly beneficial.

The other is it would be good if you could create ghost users from the dashboard, which is particularly helpful for the start.

Thank you very much just wanted to share my opinion and suggestions with you.

Edited answer

Hi Ravindra, absolutely great work so far. I think we can utilize a different word for [Dislike]. That is a strong word in some parts of the world, and although it will not be shown to the user that was disliked, keep the thumb down for the icon but maybe a different word could be better suited. Consider replacing [Dislike] with something like [Pass] or [More] or [Next]?

Answered question

Last week we had asked your opinion on whether to use custom profile module to have flexible profile fields or go with fixed fields without any module dependency.

We had received many suggestions to use Profile and few were totally against it.

Few suggested to do both to keep everyone happy and doing both is challenging for us considering timelines/budget/cost involved.

After considering many factors we have decided to support both the scenarios on our first release.
So it means Community module will be independent without needing any other module, you will be able to use it as described initially.
and optionally you will be able to use custom profile module if you want to have totally different fields and use case.
Chat option will be available if you have social network module..

We are doing our best to make it useful for all and to achieve this we will definitely need 2-3 weeks extra time and we are hoping to get this released by 15th Aug 2021 – 15 Sep 2021 ( Within this period we will share you demo access for feedback / testing and will make it stable by 15th Sep 2021 )

Thanks for your understanding and support.

Answered question

Few don’t want to buy another module and custom profile brings more flexibility.

Definitely we don’t want to force anyone to buy another module.

So I feel we should go ahead with fixed fields and we will create option to enable/disable them and change labels. ( This way we will complete this module as promised initially. )

And later on we will integrate with custom profile module to support adding new fields etc (We wanted to do this in first launch to avoid double work to be done. This is extra efforts for us and we will do this later as free updates or ask for extra funds , it won’t be considered part of initial deal, as we can’t develop both options in initial agreed timelines/cost. )

Somewhere we have to think about all the contributors and this seems one possible way.

or if you have better alternative to keep everyone happy please do share.

Edited answer

I also have the Custom Profile module. But I have seen other members on FB complaining about this approach, which is building modules on top of other modules and then they feel cheated/trapped for having to pay for 2 modules.
I guess the best is that Custom Profile is integrated within the Community module, and that it is not a separate module. Meaning, that when Community module is installed, something like Custom Profile is the only manager for user profiles. This way, the custom profile module is not a separate icon, as a module, and cannot be used for other apps, cannot be added. The Custom profile module is the default module for managing user profile for the community module only.
Users that buy this new Community module, and do not have Custom Profile module, will be able to see the flexibility and power that comes with something like the Custom profile module and if they need or want to use it for other apps, then they need to proceed to purchase that separate module.
Having standard, fixed fields for the user’s form is not a good idea, we will be going back to Ravindra every other week for changes. Here where I live, there are about 28 different genders that people are legally allowed to be identified. I would think there is only female and male? No, I would be missing 26 😀

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Building modules on top of modules can be a potential problem if the modules are from different developers. However, it’s not an issue the modules are from the same developer.

Your suggestions seems fair but I don’t see any easy way to enable profile section in just this module,Either we have fixed fields
with enable/disable option or use custom profile.

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