Hello All,
We have started with UI and made some progress.
Please find below screens as our planned UI for community module, we are hoping final module to be same but consider some changes due to some technical challenges or other reasons.
Many of our contributors have asked us to integrated Custom Profile module for profile page of users in the app.
Custom Profile will give you advantage over flexibility of using different fields.
1. If we use Custom Profile module then Profile Module will be compulsory module to use Community module and you will have benefits of creating any custom fields type for different use cases.
2. If we don’t use custom Profile module then it won’t be needed to use Community module but you will have fixed set of fields to use as profile.
Please reply your opinion as comment so that we can decide and proceed further.
Going forward we will be using this thread to update you on progress.
feel free to write your opinion in this threa

Answered question

I am okay with custom profile form if it gives flexibility to also match other things and not just human for dating.. it could be cars, animals, livestocks, any other things and with custom profile.. I think will be powerful. If the community page is flexible to allow this, Hence i fully agreed. If not than maybe it help others who don’t have the profile module. I already have so it makes no diff for me.. just need to renew that as we have lifetime for this. thanks.

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Thanks for feedback and Yes , it will make more flexible.

Okay, Thanks Ravi… as if we put other things… need field for price etc… depending on what we want to match… i love this if we can open it up and not just dating human only…. and maybe can also be like an auction… and payment can be made within certain time… anyway if too much its okay… but if can also until payment will be great.. however some may later do some unprofessional biz for human… anyway, we just platform owner. I will be much appreciated if we have the flexibility of also payment for animals and other matching… so they can pay and items delivered….

thanks for creating an amazing page…

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