I am setting up a webhook between CommercePro and Shipday (the new QuestTag) with Zapier. It works super well (even though my orders are not automatically updated within CommercePro itself).
It works when I receive an order in Zapier, but I do not receive the pick-up location, only “store_id”. So I cannot upload an exact address and latitude/longitude to Shipday. Is it because the API changed in between? Can you fix this please?

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If you want to use questtag, you can directly put api keys in settings tab and commerce pro is directly integrated with questtag, you don’t need to setup webhook/zapier for this service.
We have tested and verified that stores complete address is sent via store key and customers address is sent via customer_metadatas, there must be some issue on configuration at zapier or shipday side. Please check below screenshots.

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Hello Mr. Tagansky,

Thank you for reaching out for your query about Commerce Pro.
I have noted down the issue. Our team will get back to you soon.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Support Team.

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