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Enhancement request for Social Network module: notification triggering when user responds. This is very important for activity. When someone posts a post, they need to constantly check the app to know if they have been commented on. However, if there is a notification, it will be notified instantly!
(For those who don’t want notifications, you can add an option in Settings.)
2. Twitter-like tagging feature. Popular topics page.
I think bug: When we clicked report to “report a post”, the form does not go.
The subject of notification is important. It already works on messaging. It should be very simple for you to do this.
Thank you so much.

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Hi Team,
Another important feature for social network is the ability to alert/tag the other users we posting for them. Like in Facebook we can select/tag our friends name and they will received notification that we put them and they go and check the post and answer or respond accordingly. I already have users registered in my app, and I wanted to post to them but via the social network but I cannot tag him. Yeah. Its like a tag function and users can see somebody tag them in notification and received notifications.
This is an important feature as we have more users.
And again, the ability of group messaging as social network link to messaging page.
Thank you team for a great work.
Kind regards,

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Development for the Social Network module

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