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I can’t get group push notification to work. Maybe I missed a step or two?
I could get “send to specific users” but “send to specific topics” is not working.
Below are the steps I took, but users in group is not receiving the notification.
How do I get group notification to work?
Steps I took to send group notification..
1) Create topic as group
2) Add user to group

3) Check “send to specific topics”

Let me know if I missed out any step. I was able send to specific users, but not to groups.  Thank you.

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Sending push is taken care by core siberiancms and it should work.

You need to make sure use has installed the app and is able to receive regular push messages.
Sometimes you will face issue  with test devices if you try login with multiple accounts on same device.

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Group Notification Module – Not Sending Notification

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February 23, 2024 3:55 am