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I just watched your video how to show internal links as a button. I found it really useful, thank you. However, my ‘Source’ section forces me to put a frame around the text, which I would like to remove (1*). I would also like to move the text to the bottom of the page (2*).
Is there any way you could please help me with these queries?
Thank you very much.
Dheerendra, many thanks for your message. My app isn’t published yet I’m afraid. Should I add you as a user to my Siberian CMS account, perhaps?

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Hello Zoe,
please send your app login detail and url on my email id
my email id is [email protected]

Hello Mr. Zoe,
We are unable to log in at given url using given id and password
Kindly check given information and resend it on above e-mail id.
Best regards
Support team.

Hlw Mr. Zoe,
We are unable to log in by using your id and password at given web url.
Kind check your provided information and resend id and password to previous given e-mail id.
Have a nice day,
Support team.

Hi there,
I sent my login details to the previously given e-mail ID on 05.05.2021. These are my personal login details and are working fine. Can you let me know if you have received them and managed to log in? Many thanks, Zoe.

Hi there,

Did you receive my personal login and are you able to use them? I sent them to [email protected] on Wednesday the 5th May.

Thanks very much.



Hello Zoe, please paste css code given below in source section

<p><a class="mybutton" data-offline="true" data-params="value_id:2" data-state="cms-view">Help!</a></p>
<style type="text/css"><br />.mybutton{
    position: absolute;
    padding: 15px ;
    bottom: 0px;

Have a nice day! Best Regards, Support Team.

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Hi Pawan,

Many thanks for the sending the code. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I emailed you my personal login details on the 5th May. Did you receive them? Were you able to use them?

Many thanks,


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Internal link as button

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