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YOUR NOTES: Don't Display - Click "Your Notes" doesn't display a list of your Journal Posts. The area where Your Notes is supposed to be is blank.
EDIT NOTES: Often Don't Show - The Edit Notes option is buggy... Sometime it shows and sometime it doesn't.
COMMENTS: 3 Dots - The 3 dots on the right-hand-side in Comments don't work.  Nothing happens when you click them.
Comments: Refresh - Need the ability to Refresh the Comments screen (add the Refresh icon like on on the main Journals screen).
Comments: Images - When you attempt to add an image to Comments it doesn't work. You can select an image but it doesn't save to the post.
SCROLLING: Often Stops - Often when scrolling down on the Journal main page you can't scroll back up.
SAVING: Don't Work - If you make changes in the Journal or in the App Editor your changes don't save.  For examp, swiching your Profile from Public to Priate don't save.
MOOD ICONS: Remove Background - The Mood Icons should have a transparent background.  The white background on the icons makes the page look very old and unprofessional.
MOOD ICONS: Move Them - These should be moved to the right or left of the post Subject.  Currently, it doesn't wook good stting in the middle of hte screen.
LANGUAGE OPTIONS IN SETTINGS - This is very important... Need the ability for the App Admin to change the front-end language in Settings.
* Ability for App Admin to add/remove mood icons.
* Push Notifications.
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Hi Team,
Can I make a suggestion for improvements:

  1. Can we make default is for public instead now is private. As I think majority developers using this app like me, is to allow my users to show their activities in the app. However its default private, and I noticed majority forgotten even as i am guiding them live in class. And its save as private auto, and they do not realize this. Can we make this default public or to ensure they don’t make mistake, the actual end users are force to choose whether they want the post is either public or private. I think this is the best. End actual users choose themselves. Either as private or as public or default public and choose private if they want it private.
  2. Each post by end users, and comment or like , will have a notification to other users. just like Facebook.

Thank you for a great work.
Kind regards.

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In Journal Module, Mood icons are not in position. Please find attachment.

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1) Search – Search doesn’t work.
2) Language – Need ability to change the text for confirmation boxes, and button text.
3) Blocked Users – Users that are blocked shouldn’t be able to Comment on your Journal.
4) Report User Doesn’t Work. There’s a “Report User” option but it doesn’t work.  It just spins.  Also, there isn’t a backend for the Admin to receive all of the Reports in the Editor.
5) Page Title Not Centered.
6) Some Icons Still Have White Background.(The following icons still have a white background: Cool, Excited, Happy, Sad, Smile, Step Away, Thumbs Up, Upset, Wink.)
7) Missing Icon Settings in Editor(The Journal module is missing the ability for the App Admin to add/remove the Icons.  When adding an icon, the App Admin would also need the ability to set the Display Name of the icon (ex: Sad, Cool, etc).

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1) On disabling User comments and likes, Profile info page does not shows. please find attached screenshot.

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Fixed below points:

YOUR NOTES - <strong>Displaying now</strong>
EDIT/DELETE NOTES - <strong>Should be fine</strong>
COMMENTS: <strong>3 Dots working now</strong>
Comments: <strong>Added Refresh</strong>
Comments: Images - <strong>Now saving images on comment</strong>
SCROLLING: <strong>Should be working fine now</strong>
SAVING: <strong>Fixed</strong>
MOOD ICONS: <strong>Removed Background</strong> 
MOOD ICONS: <strong>Moved Them  to the right of the post Subject.</strong>
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