YOUR NOTES: Don't Display - Click "Your Notes" doesn't display a list of your Journal Posts. The area where Your Notes is supposed to be is blank.
EDIT NOTES: Often Don't Show - The Edit Notes option is buggy... Sometime it shows and sometime it doesn't.
COMMENTS: 3 Dots - The 3 dots on the right-hand-side in Comments don't work.  Nothing happens when you click them.
Comments: Refresh - Need the ability to Refresh the Comments screen (add the Refresh icon like on on the main Journals screen).
Comments: Images - When you attempt to add an image to Comments it doesn't work. You can select an image but it doesn't save to the post.
SCROLLING: Often Stops - Often when scrolling down on the Journal main page you can't scroll back up.
SAVING: Don't Work - If you make changes in the Journal or in the App Editor your changes don't save.  For examp, swiching your Profile from Public to Priate don't save.
MOOD ICONS: Remove Background - The Mood Icons should have a transparent background.  The white background on the icons makes the page look very old and unprofessional.
MOOD ICONS: Move Them - These should be moved to the right or left of the post Subject.  Currently, it doesn't wook good stting in the middle of hte screen.
LANGUAGE OPTIONS IN SETTINGS - This is very important... Need the ability for the App Admin to change the front-end language in Settings.
* Ability for App Admin to add/remove mood icons.
* Push Notifications.
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1) Search – Search doesn’t work.
2) Language – Need ability to change the text for confirmation boxes, and button text.
3) Blocked Users – Users that are blocked shouldn’t be able to Comment on your Journal.
4) Report User Doesn’t Work. There’s a “Report User” option but it doesn’t work.  It just spins.  Also, there isn’t a backend for the Admin to receive all of the Reports in the Editor.
5) Page Title Not Centered.
6) Some Icons Still Have White Background.(The following icons still have a white background: Cool, Excited, Happy, Sad, Smile, Step Away, Thumbs Up, Upset, Wink.)
7) Missing Icon Settings in Editor(The Journal module is missing the ability for the App Admin to add/remove the Icons.  When adding an icon, the App Admin would also need the ability to set the Display Name of the icon (ex: Sad, Cool, etc).

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