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Hello, on iPhone, The keyboard is covering texts so it was impossible to see what you are typing. please help, how can this issue be fixed, in the update log, it says this issue is fixed but it is not. help, please

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Please make sure you have created new build or republished app after installing the update.

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I installed the module for the first time, so of course build was regenerated and still the issue was there, it didn’t fix it, and it’s frustrating. Please help

Can you please mention the device you are using to test?

And have you tested it on any other device too?

We had fixed this issue earlier.

yes i saw it in the change log, That is why i purchase the module. But the problem is still their

I am using Iphone XS max, IOS14, I have tried on IOS 15 AS WELL, i have use iPhone xr of my mates too same issue

I also notice when a message is sent between user or comment is made, The previous word they type still remain on keyboard and even if they type 5000 words they have to clean it before typing another, that is bad user experience. I am skeptical about buying the messenger module as plugin for social network because of this same issue

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Keyboard Covering Textbox or Social Network module

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