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<span class="Y2IQFc" lang="en">Yes I made the last update, it's simple I click on the module and nothing happens then the whole app crashes. When I block the marketplace module of the publication everything returns to normal and the app works fine.
In fact, I click and nothing just happens.
Should I uninstall the module and reinstall it ??
Do I have to republish if I reinstall the module ??
Thank you again for your answers</span>
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Without reinstalling , please try creating a new build and let us know if you still face any issue.

Je viens d’installer le module et le problème est toujours le même, rien ne réponds ?

J’ai essayé sur d’autres appli, et le même problème l’appli se bloque dès que je désactive le module market tout refonctionne.
vraiment bizarre.
merci d’avance pour votre service

We are trying to reproduce the error at our end and it works.

Please fill in the help option available at bottom right corner of the page and send us your server access.