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Hi, I have a few questions for the Messaging module.
1) How do I align/move the bar title to the left (just next to the arrow)?
2) Is there a way to change the description text? If not possible, how do I hide it?
3) How do I hide the search bar?
4) How do I hide the Favourite/Followers text that’s just below the name?
5) How do I change the color of the red speech bubble?
6) How to hide blocked users icon?
Additionally, is there a way to hide blocked users icon for customers only, but still keep it displayed for staff? (coz customer do not need to block staff, but staff may wanna block some bad customers)

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Hello Yasmine,

Thank you for reaching out on Support. I have forwarded your query. Our team will get back to you soon.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

Support Team.

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Messaging Module – align and hide elements

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