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Hello, we are creating mobile-apps for our clients with Siberiancms for over 2 Years. Since now we bought some modules from the market place. But we don´t find any module like “multi-language”. Means, that we need to produce an app for Google and Apple with 2 our 3 different languages. In our case. English, German and Spanish.

Until now we just produce for every certain language an own (standalone) app. But since a few weeks, Google cancelled this apps, telling us, that this apps are to similar and aspects to be Spam in their system. We complain about, but no chance. They recommend us, to produce the apps into one multi-language app.

As you know, this is a real problem with Siberian, because you only have 3 levels: Homepage, folder and subfolder. So if you have to start the app with the homepage and a selection of languages, you only have to levels left.
Another problem we have with the modules “Invite a friend” and “progressive loyality”. In the editor of Siberian you can only compose one text. But if you have more languages to explain how it works you have a problem.

The languages you can select in “Your Account” only translate several functions of modules. We also tried “advanced translation” from Siberian, but it doesn´t work.

So our question: Is there any possibility for a Multi-language-app-Module with good usability for developer and user?

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Hello Ingolf,

Thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately this is not possible as module because it has to be implemented in all the modules and core.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

Support Team.

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Multi language module posibilities

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