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Not sure why I can’t add new reply to my original thread, so am starting a new post.

ion-modal-view[code="tabbar_account"] div.item-custom:first-child
{display: none;}

The answer given above works, but it also hide the first child(i.e. first name) when user signs up for a new account. User now can’t fill in first name.
How do I only hide the first child(i.e. account id) after user logged in? Thank you.

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Hi Yasmine, Please use below css code to hide account id instead of old one

ion-modal-view[code="tabbar_account"] div.item.item-input.item-custom[ng-if="is_logged_in"]

paste above code in Editor -> design -> advance css section.

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My Account Pro – hide account ID (part 2)

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February 25, 2024 10:04 am