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Hello, the panic button is not working on diferent apps, y try 4 diferents apps and in just one app works fine. On the other apps is not sendin the information and also if you press the other side of the panic symbol activates the panic button. It is posible to disable the panic on different sections of the app?

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Hello Ssjairo,

Thank you for reaching out.

  1. Panic button shows on Home screen. it doesn’t show on other section of the app. Please have at attachment look.
  2. I didn’t understood what you want to you by “if you press the other side of the panic symbol activates the panic button”.
  3. I didn’t found any issue with Panic button from our side. Still i will froward your query to my team.
  4. Can you please send us the screenshot of the error message you are getting.

Have a nice day!
Best Regards,
Support Team.

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Hello It works fine on my first app, but the other apps are not working the panic button and is setup the same way then the first one.

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Panic button do not work

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April 12, 2024 11:24 pm