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Saludos, no encuentro el lugar para indicarle al cliente los datos de la transferencia bancaria, para cuando elija esta forma de pago en commercepro.
Here I attach a screenshot of the mentioned problem. After seeing your DEMO, comparing.
Screenshot of your demo installation.

Screenshot of your installation of my actual installation. Customize options do not appear

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Ok, but when I try to install it, the system tells me that I already have the latest version installed. How can I uninstall the module?

There is new version, please try to install it again

Hello, what is the new version? where do i find it? I usually receive notification emails when there is a new version of a module that I have purchased. I have not received anything?

Thank you, I already installed version 7-2-23 that I received today and it seems to be solved



There seems to be issue while installing updates for commerce pro, try installing latest version again, if you still face issue, do let us know.

Best Regards,
Support Team.

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payment by bank transfer in commercepro

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