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I have created 3 products for booking umbrellas on a beach but they do not show in the seat map

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Hi Francesco,
In order to see the products on the map, we need to perform below steps from admin:
1. Go to tab “Booking Info”, then click on option “ACCOMMODATIONS”. Here create accommodations for each product you wish to see on the map.
2. Go to tab “Stores”, click on manage content section and then go to “STORE MAP DESIGNER” screen of the store.  There you can set the location/position of the accommodations(of each product) on seat map.
After those steps, you should be able to the accommodations on seat map. Do let us know if you still face any difficulty in using this feature.
Just to inform you, we are in process of creating a instructions document for this feasture. That should help everyone to use/understand the feature.

Answered question
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