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Hey dear Native App Engine-Team,
first of all, thank you for a powerful module.
Is it possible, to include the tax in that way, that users (clients) see the prices with tax, and after buying an item they see the included taxes?
In Germany we need it that way ..
At the moment it is that way, that users see prices without tax, and in the paying-process the tax is added on … Or, I include the tax, but the bill then is without any tax (that is not allowed here…).

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Hello FutureTrend,

Thanks for reaching out!

We do have the setting to show prices with tax in Commercepro backend. Have a look at attached screenshot. Please make the settings accordingly and let me know if you still gets any problem. We will be happy to help you.

Have a nice evening.

Best Regards,
Support Team.

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Hi Sujata,

thanks for your fast response!

I know about the possibility to enable and diasable the taxes in prices. But that doesn´t solve my problem.
In the most countries of europe, you need to show the prices inclusive tax and in the review customers see the included tax.

No matter wich way I choose in commercepro, it is wrong. Do I include the tax, customers can´t see the included tax on the bill – do i disable the tax in price, the showed price in the shop is without tax. Customers can see the price inclusive tax just by putting on shoppingcard.

Do you know, what I mean?


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Showing incl. tax for clients (commercepro)

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