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Hi there,
sorry, i needed to open a new case – in Part I i cannot answer …
I know about the possibility to disable/enable tax in price – but in both ways it is wrong in the most EU-Countries (here in Germany the most).
As a seller, I need to show the included tax on the bill – BUT: I need to show the prices in my shop inclusive tax.
So if I disable tax in price there a two ways:
1.) Sellers set the tax to 0%. That solves the displayed prices – customers pay what they see. BUT: The last step (Bill) shows Tax: 0,- – and that is wrong.
2.) Sellers set the tax, customers see at the review another price as displayed…
Same when I enable tax in price – customers will diplayed different prices they have to pay…
So it should be calculated backwards in the “enable” tax in price.
Displayed price in shop: 10,- (tax included) – tax rate in backoffice set to 10%
To pay 10,-
In the billing: 10,- to pay
Price without tax: 9,-
Tax: 1,-
Total: 10,-
Hop, you understand, what I mean???? Not really easy to explain here … 😉


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I think whatever you are saying should be possible with , tax included in price as enabled – we will try to replicate your scenarios and share screenshots by tomorrow.


My version is 7.2.52 and i have the same problem…

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Hello FutureTrend,

Thank you for the details information.

When the taxes in price enabled, results are as per the screenshot.
In first pic the product price includes taxes. in 2nd Pics(in cart) you can see Original price + tax. and 3rd pic (in Review) you can see total with and without including tax.
As per description this is what you looking for. and if not let us know.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Support Team.

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Hi Sujata,

thank you for the support …
In my case, the displayed price in the shops is always without tax …
No matter what I do, its not like your screenshots ….

da ich das gleiche Problem habe würde ich gerne auch meine erfahrung teilen.
Wenn ich Die Steuer aktiviere wird der Preis nicht auf allen Produktkarten gleich angezeigt. bei manchen ist die steuer dabei aber bei manchen ist der Preis ohne steuer.
ich habe jetzt auch die Steuer auf 0% gesetzt jedoch ist es langfristig keine lösung.

Hello FutureTrend & Ervis Prakaj,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are going to release new update by next week, that will solve your Taxes in Price issue. I will let know once we release the update.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Support Team.


Hi FutureTrend,
On which version your app is running? When was the last update taken?

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Hi back,

the siberian is running on PE – v4.20.10

The commercePro is running on 7.2.46

I bought the licence about 4 weeks ago, and got no update, so i think its the latest version …

Thank you

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