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I’m writing to ask, is it possible to have one of the engineers there get the modules made by nativeappsengine facilitate some degree of automation?

I wrote to before that I was working on an app that I wanted the main page to have a map view and you suggested getting the commerce pro and marketplace module to facilitate that; well I bought both those modules and in the in-app link module.

But I still need help. I have the padlock pro and custom module by nativeappengine. I need the padlock pro module to to 2 things:

  1. To allow users to pay in-app to unlock the functions an administrator chooses to lock
    since we’re not using apple’s sdk directly to include their in-app purchasing protocol.
  2. Recognize the user role they choose and to automatically allow access to users after purchase. As part of the users sign-up process they are given a chance to pay to unlock their role to gain access to the locked features; for this app I wanted to have users who chose to sign up as providers pay a small in-app fee to gain access to the marketplace feature to create shops in the app for themselves without having to manually grant permission to users that pay.

Also, I watched the video on how to link to any page in the app but I wasn’t able to follow the instructions well enough to understand. I there are some functions I’d like to interlink/embed that people can click on while in one feature and be taken right to the section of another feature that would allow them to complete a given process.

It looks like I’m using several nativeappengine modules to possibly make this app a reality. Is there something that the engineers there can work on with me to get this app done?

Please let me know.

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Some of what you’re requesting will require custom development.

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