can you please repair? i cant some words and sentences translate. Here are the details.
Else I am really satisfied with the modul Commerce pro, its a great.
Here are the issues:
– In Order history / Status of order – words “Shipped”, “Delivered”, “All Scheduled”, “Processing”, “In discussion”
– In Order Status push messages this words not even displayed in English: “All Scheduled”, “Processing”, “In discussion”
– Cant translate All Push notifications by changing the Order Status
– In Invoicing adress: Company Name
– Pop up in the end of order process: The resource is not reachable, check your network connection.
– Subject in email from order: New order from the application:
In addition, after saving in backoffice in translating, I cant save some terms in the translation file, also it doesnt translate in app and in order emails from app:
Max quantity you can order is mobile commerce_pro –
in quantity you can order is mobile commerce_pro –
Maximum quantity should be mobile commerce_pro –
Product out of stock quantity available is mobile commerce_pro –
Min per order quantity is mobile commerce_pro –
Oop! delivery time should not be less than current time. mobile commerce_pro –
Here is the detail of the order number mobile commerce_pro –
Order confirmation from Test: mobile commerce_pro –
Order confirmation from Test new:
Order confirmation from:
Order No: commerce_pro –

Thank you very much.

Answered question

Hello Zsolt Rapos BR Team s.r.o,

Thanks for reaching out!

I have noted down your issue. I will check for above translation from our end and get back to you as soon as possible

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Support Team.

Posted new comment

excuse me, when will it be fixed?
Best regards,

Hello Support,

Im sorry, when can i expect a repair?
Best regards

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translates in CommercePro

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