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Dear Ravindra Maurya,

Could you please kindly make these 2 strings ADD TO CART and QTY translatable in next COMMERCE PRO release? Every new update i must download your code and translate them manually, what is very time consuming.

Please also take care of these other translation strings. I’ve just forgot to mention above.
“Search by order numbers” and “Order Again”.

I’ve mentioned before but would like to reinforce: order details as extra charge, tip and tax should be hidden in checkout and in order history when value is set to “ZERO”. This is another fix we have to do manually every new update. Not all countries have tax over prices. Here in Brazil tax is included in price, there’s no need to show a blank / zero value. Hope you fix this soon.

Also date format doesn’t respect app date config. it would be nice to have this fixed too.

Your attention to this will be really appreciated, as there are lots of non english users using your module.
Thanks you very much.

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Hello s2wmarketing,
Thank you very much for reaching out on Support.
I have forwarded your translation query and your suggestions to our team. We will try to look into the issue as soon as possible.
Have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Support team.

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