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I have bought this module, and after testing it, I have realized that the only thing that is used for a SiberianCMS without extra modules is only for these 3 functions:

– Register or Login
– Loyalty card
– Form V2
For nothing else.

is it so?


Answered question

It support below modules as of now
– Register or Login
– Loyalty card
– Form V2
– Awesome form
– Profile
– Commerce Pro
– Panic Button Module
To add new even at our side is possible only when if it’s enabled in other modules,
So if any module is having any event and it’s not here then let us know we will include it.

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Ideally, there should also be a WebHook when placing an order with the native Commerce feature.

Or also, for example, in the Booking function, to send the form data through WebHook.

Or in the Social Wall function.

Actually it would be interesting in all the functions that generate a response data.


Yes I agree, but those modules are controlled by Siberian team and they have plans to support webhook in those modules too. As soon as they add webhook events there we will enable in our module too.


On the module description page, it lists the following:


Update- v1.5 21 May 2020
Added new hooks with commerce pro and form2 ,loyalty
 Works seemlessly with Zapier – you can connect Siberian App data to 1500+ apps like Google sheets, Mailchimp, CRM, etc…  without writing single line of code. Check Zapier website.
Data is sent as POST request to any url mentioned.
Integrated with all the available Siberian hooks.
You can send user profile data if you are using Custom Profile Module
You can send form submitted data if you are using Awesome Forms Module
You can send to public url or endpoints protected using Basic Auth.
You can setup single or multiple endpoints with different events.
Translations included.


List is subject to be updated, and custom hooks can be added by third party modules.

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The information is fine, it does what it says.

It was just to summarize, and the summary is that for those of us who use Siberian without its Extras, the others that you sell, it is true that it can only be used for:

– Register or Login
– Loyalty card
– Form V2

For nothing else.

I just want you to answer me if it is true, if my summary is true.

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