Note : This module is currently broken due to recent updates and we will fix and update this soon.

Why third party APK generator ?

  1. Existing APK generator takes lots of your server resource
  2. It’s frustrating to deal with servers if something broken
  3. Why say no if we are there to take care of complete setup so that you can get APK without dealing with server anymore
  4. It’s FREE , yes it’s free as part of Screenshot generator Module license

When we can generate apps with few clicks then why not screenshots ,Icons etc?

It takes lots of time and pain to create screenshots with exact size etc.

Now it’s just a click away to generate everything you need.

Screenshot generator module will automatically generate screenshots and media files required to submit your app on Apple and Google App Stores.

Screenshots Generated
1. iPhone
2. iPad
3. Android
4. Icons for android and apple store

You can generate unlimited Screenshots for any app you apply the credit for period of license validaity.

You need to buy credits if you want to generate screenshots for more than 1 app.

How it Works
1. Install The Module
2. Go to Backoffice -> Manage -> Modules -> Screenshots
3. Click on Download Icon for the App you need to Generate Icon or APK
4. Wait for few minutes and the screenshots will be sent on your email automatically.