If you have any bugs to be fixed or need improvement in our existing module, we are there to help with your requirements.

Please note the below points while sending a support request.

  • Please share complete details like steps to reproduce the bugs, screenshots, module version, Siberian cms version, etc so that we can easily understand the issue/request.
  • Our team members will be generally available online Mon-Friday 10 am-6 pm IST, while we try to respond as soon as possible but in case we are not available, please rest assured that team will respond within 24-48 Hours.
  • We fix bugs for free and do it on top priority as part of the support policy, still, we might take a couple of weeks to reproduce the issue, fix it and get it tested again and then release it for all.
  • If something is working on our demo and not on your server, there may be more reasons other than our modules and it becomes more challenging for us to fix, we don’t cover support for such issues related to the individual platforms but we do our best to reproduce the issue and fix where ever possible.
  • We don’t do quick fixes/changes, as modules are being used by many customers, in different use cases so we have to consider all the possible scenarios/impacts to consider any change which takes time.
  • If you request enhancement/changes in functionality, we will charge additional fees based on complexity and our availability and we do have the right to reject the request if we don’t feel the requirements to be generic for all. In case we do changes, it will be released to everyone as part of the module/s.
  • Small CSS changes are done for free and they can be requested by anyone irrespective of whether you have purchased any license or not. There is no guarantee on timeline etc but our dedicated CSS team will do thier best to do it as soon as possible.