Awesome Forms is Siberian CMS Module which allows admin to create any customised Form which is easily searchable, sortable , editable from Mobile App. Optionally supports Pie chart report.

App users or team members who have access to mobile app can add/edit any data and can see their own progress report.

Team Leader or frontend Admin can see combined or individual report of team members.


V6.60 14 Sep 2019
– Description field added and Bug fixes related to location/address field

v6.41 Jan 11 2018
– New Address field added which can store address with geolocation, checkbox field also enabled
–  Source code InApp Links Added
– Translation for  creator


  • Create customized forms field similar to Forms Module
  • Pei Chart report automatically generated if your fields has the Select Box
  • Easy data grid for frontend user to sort/filter their data
  • Frontend Admin can see report/data of every user.
  • Logged in user can see only their own data/report.
  • Complete Update history maintained – module stores every change in data which can’t not be deleted.
  • Creating Multiple Awesome Forms in single App is allowed
  • Complete Translation available
  • Access Roles Supported
  • Download All the data in CSV format


Use Cases:

Every business have custom data which needs to be processed and presented to in easy way so that business owners know the exact status of their business and  can take important decisions.

This module can be used in

  • Sales Pipeline Tracking
  • Mini CRM
  • Data Collection
  • Recruitment or any Process tracking
  • Simple Order Management
  • And much much more can be tweaked in so many use cases