Booking Pro module will add a feature to allow bookings in your Siberian CMS app.

You can create app for Hotel, Cinema , Bus , Appointment etc.

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24th Feb – v1.49 –

  • We have added Service Time settings to enable multi vendor appointment functionality
  • Some bug fixes
  • We have got some good feedback from our initial buyers and happy to incorporate those changes. We are targeting March End to make this module ready to use it in most of the use cases,  there will always be room for future improvement and we will able to cover up based on buyers priorities.
  • If you have purchased this module and feel something is missing to for your business use case post it in support section of our website, we care having dedicated staff to work on these suggestions/improvements.

This is add-on to Commerce Pro module , you must have commerce Pro to use this module.


  • Create different types of products/rooms/seats etc with different categories
  • Seat Map designer to accept booking for any kind of setup like beach umbrella, cinema , bus etc
  • Multi Vendor support is already included so you can have different business with different settings
  • Auto generate any number of accommodation in single click.
  • Seasonal rates to charge extra for any specific days
  • Age group wise extra charges
  • Integration with marketplace module so that each businesses can manage their data from app itself.
  • Appointment booking is enabled -( Enable service time in settings, more info in doc)
  • Each vendor can have their own payment gateway , configuration like Commerce Pro
  • Supports all the payment gateways of Commerce Pro ( Paypal/ Stripe / Cash etc)Please note this is our first release and many things wont work as expected, we are going to fix/improve based on your feedback.Please buy if you are satisfied with current development and want to support future development.
    We have already developed many stuff and need your support and feedback to meet your business requirements.