We do custom Development for SiberianCMS based on your requirement, our charges for simple module changes starts from €750.00,if you have any custom requirements please send us your requirement before making any payment.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Please mention what all users will see if they click on menu of this feature. mention user flow at app side
What all options you want your app admin to do from App Editor Section like manage data etc
Is this module required any settings to be done by backoffice user ? if yes , please explain

We will review your requirement within 1-2 days and confirm the price and development time required.
If everything seems acceptable, you can go ahead and make the payment to start the work.



  1. You are allowed to use this module on your own Siberian SAE/MAE/PE and can use to sell unlimited apps.
  2. We will have full rights to sell the module source to other Siberian cms customer and you are not allowed to sell the module source code/license to any one else but you can sell  unlimited apps generated using module.
  3. Due to time/efforts spent on the module development and support, we do not offer any refund on our modules.
  4. We also work on exclusive module to your business module but prices are much higher and it doesn’t comes under yearly/lifetime support, you need to pay for development time for any change.
  5. if you have any other questions please do contact us.