Elite@@Exclusive Partner Program

As Elite partner, you'll have access to exclusive modules developed based on feedback from group members.

Lets contribute together to take our platform to next level.

Join to be part of an exclusive group of serious people who are willing to contribute a small monthly fee.

Whatever module/layout/template is developed as part of group will be exclusively shared to all members for FREE.




Elite Partner


  • Free access to new future exclusive modules
  • Free renewals of all exclusive modules
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Elite Partner Pro


  • Free access to new future exclusive modules
  • Free renewals of all exclusive modules
  • Free renewal of your existing non-expired licenses*
  • Priority Support
  • Private Group Access
  • -

Elite Partner Pro +


  • Free access to new future exclusive modules
  • Free renewals of all exclusive modules
  • Free renewal of your existing non-expired licenses*
  • Priority Support
  • Private Group Access
  • 40% off on other purchases

Join any plan and get credit of €200 to buy any old module*

*Offer is valid till 14th Oct 2022 and credit will be sent via mail within 24-48 hours after purchase.You can buy more modules and pay remaining amount if total is more than  credit of €200.

Planned Modules to be developed

As part of the Elite Partner Program, below are a few modules we are considering to develop by Oct 2023. We will add/remove some items based on common feedback from Elite Pro & Pro+ members.  We will update this section as we progress.

Note [ April 24 ]: Currently we are not developing new modules under this program. We are working on flutter version of apps instead and future development is solely decided by NativeAppEngine and you will have free/discounted access to future development. Free renewal is still available for all your existing modules.

Exclusive Module Terms

Non-exclusive Modules Terms

Have questions?

Let's do our best to answer your most frequently asked questions

Annual license plans already provide a lot of benefit and we will continue developing and supporting modules. However as you and others are not committed to renewing annually, and often you may not not be aware that a license has expired, your modules may not stay up to date automatically. Due to this, it is difficult to forecast ongoing demand for updates thus impacting resource allocation.

This program solves the problem of resource allocation. We know exactly where to focus our attention with ongoing partner contribution. Our new proposed strategy ensures that we are committed towards delivering great solutions for you and your customers.  It is a win-win for all concerned.

No, all our old non exclusive module license remains same. Modules developed under Elite Partner Program will have new terms as per program.

Yes, you can cancel  existing plan and switch to any other plan. It’s better to let existing plan expire and then switch to other plan if you want to save money for remaining days.

If you cancel your membership, all your modules will stop working after 7 days.If you just want to keep getting future updates and support then you can switch to lower priced plan. If you have completed 2 years then we can offer you EUR 49/month plan to keep running all your exclusive modules.

No. You will have access to future developed modules only. Previously released modules can be purchased individually by paying a one time fee.

Once you have been on any of our plans for 2 years, you will be able to transition to a EUR49/m plan in the event that you want to reduce your outlay but you want to to keep your modules running. Consider this option as a renewal pass for any exclusive modules you have benefited from. However, if you transition to this plan, you won’t get any additional benefits.

Unfortunately not. Only Elite Program Partners are allowed to access exclusive modules developed under this program. 

Yes you can use non- exclusive modules indefinitely. To benefit from updates and ongoing support, you will need to renew the annual license individually for each module. 

No , You can’t. A license can be used on just one Siberian Platform SAE/MAE/PE(Test and Production) and you can create unlimited apps with single license but you can’t use it on multiple site. You are not allowed to redistribute/modify the module. please check our  terms and condition for more info.

Yes you can use the module with any siberian license, it supports all Siberian platform and support is available for latest version only.

You need to have working Siberiancms software and access to backoffice to upload the module, If you are self hosted , please check system requirements here if you are hosted with Official SiberianCMS Team or any other provider, please make sure you are allowed to install our modules before buying them.

You will get installation instruction via email after purchase. Please create new build/apk after installling new module to publish new changes to old apps. Please make sure you are self hosted or you are allowed to install thirdparty module via backoffice.(Official Siberian Hosted Clients have no persmission to install third party module, please check with them before buying the module)

As part of our yearly support and updates committment we will fix any bugs/issue you face but we don’t refund in any case due to digital nature of our modules, even if there is material flaw, so we recommened you to avaluate the module on Our Demo server before making purchase.You can ask presale questions using button below if you need any clarifications.

About Us

We are small team with big dream

We started building modules for Siberian CMS back in 2015 when platform was taking big transition to ionic framework.

We are proud to say  that we were the first one among other third party developers to start selling module on official SiberianCMS marketplace.

Our first module for sale was Padlock Pro and that's  still used by many in community and being updated time to time. 

Today we have 30+ successful modules ranging from Social, Commerce, productivity and Utility. We are continuously updating our modules based on our clients feedback and financial support.

We are small but dedicated team. We work full time on Siberian CMS platform. We have many clients who are profitable and happily using our modules.
Want to join us?


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on renewal of expired license



on renewal of active license



on renewal of combo active license


No coupon code is required. Applied automatically on the cart.
Combo offer is applicable on the purchase of 2 or more modules/renewal/both.
Terms and conditions apply.

Elite Partner Program

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