Note : This is addon for Social Network module and you need to have Social Network installed before using Messaging Module.

This module allows your app members to message each other or staff directly.

We already have similar functionality in Social network module which can allows direct messaging between user but in this addon/module we have added extra functionality for staff and made easy access to this page from main menu.

1) User To User Messaging – Members of your app would be able to directly message each other… similar to how Members can message each other in the Social Network module.

2) Staff/Admin To Member Messaging – The module will contain a Toggle to Enable/Disable the ability for Members to message each other. If Disabled, the Members can only message the App Admin, and Members that the App Admin designated as Staff.

3) Favorites – The ability for Members to have a “Favorites” list. This way they won’t have to “Search” for Members that they communicate with often.

4) Private – Members can switch their account to “Private”. If enabled, their name wouldn’t appear in the public “Members” list. When searching, the individual would have to know their email address to locate and message them.

5) Block Users – Members can “Block” other Members so that the Member could not message them. However, Staff/Admin cannot be blocked.

6) Most the buttons labels are editable so you can rename chat / follow button text from settings page.


You need to have social network feature added to the app and do the settings you need for messaging module.
You can hide Social Network module if you don’t need for your users.