Videos are the easiest way to train your users about the features or platform.

Training Videos Module shows a link on side menu and when clicked shows all the videos from your youtube channel.


  • Embed all your videos inside Siberian App Editor
  • Clean design with photos,title in video list
  • Clicking video shows Player inside Siberian itself so that your user don’t have to leave your site
  • Easy Backoffice Settings for channel and no of videos to be displayed
  • You can show different videos per APP incase you create individual app training.
    • Enable the auto filter from backoffice
    • Paste APP Key in youtube description content while uploading the video on youtube. This will make auto mapping  of video to app inside siberian so that each app shows different videos.

Your user get more engaged with tools/platform once they understand the easy steps from your Video.

They spend more time on your system and will try all the possible options available and at the end of the day you get happy and satisfied customer without any complaints.