Sync your Siberian App users with WordPress and vice versa seemlesslly,configure the module and let the syncing user happen automatically,


  • When user creates account on App , same account is created in wordpress too.
  • When userĀ  tries to register on App with WordPress user credentials, it throws an error as user already exists.
  • When user tries to sign in on App with WordPress user credentials , account get’s synced and user log in is successful.
  • When user changes password in App , password is changed in wordpress side too.
  • If user changes password on wordpress site and then tries to login in app with new password, it works automatically and changes are saved in app side too.
  • Translation is included for all the texts.



Installation is simple , go to backoffice -> settings -> module and intall the package as regular module.

Note : If you want to integrate siberian with your third party website, you can use our Webhooks Module