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Good morning Ravindra.

For some reason my client deleted the website builder sections in the JDTAXES app. Now we don’t know what to do to get the iphone view and the sections below to show again. See attached image

How could I restore the website builder sections in the JDTAXES app?

Is there any written documentation for this module that I can translate? Something that explains step by step, and that is more explanatory than the only video I see about this module.


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You need to first delete the content and then save it and reload page, it will open default template. Delete button is just left side of save button,

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Good morning Ravindra,

Thank you for your reply,

Remark: It is still difficult to work with a module for which there is no written documentation.
A documentation that can be translated and understood for those of us who are not English speakers.