The best strategy to avoid getting google play developer account is by using PWA app. PWA (Progressive Web Apps) are web apps that can be accessed from a browser and designed to work regardless of the device it’s running. This basically means you do not need any special permission or SDK in your phone before its installation because all the feature needed for this PWA app will work without any hassle. With all these advantages, you can sure that PWA is the best option to avoid getting google play developer account. 

As a developer, marketer or web designer, you may want to get some arguments about why PWA is better than native apps: 

1. PWA works on browser

It means that you do not need to submit your app into google play developer console for approval. It also mean that all android operating system version can be supported instantly and with less cost. 

2. PWA is SEO friendly

Progressive Web Apps are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which should make them appealing to SEO. Now google is trying to improve indexing of PWA for its SERP, especially on android devices.

3. It’s simple development

Because of less hardware requirement and the fact that you don’t need a powerful device but only a browser installed, it should be easy to develop with less time on coding and debugging since there are less code and most of the codes are common HTML, CSS, JavaScript. 

4. It’s easier to use than native apps

Since PWA can be accessed via browser , it should be easy for devices users to use this app without any learning curve. Users do not need to know anything about operating system before using your PWA. 

5. It’s cost effective

Don’t need to go through the long app submission process in order to publish your PWA onto google play store. Since it should not attract any review fees, why not give it a try? 

6. The future of web apps is bright

It’s important to note that right now PWA is still in development but many companies like google, microsoft and apple are looking for ways to improve the experience of using web apps. They even launch incentives program to encourage developers to create innovative PWAs that run well on multiple platforms. 

7. Auto Update

Since PWA is built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript by a developer, it can be easily update in an instant when needed without the hassle of updating and resubmitting it into google play store.

8. Downloads are easy to track

Since PWA is basically a website, counts of downloads will not be hard to count compared to native apps downloaded from google play store which require you to input your google play developer account. 

9. PWA is SEO friendly

Because the content of PWA is based on the URL, it can be easily indexed by any search engine and you will also get an extra boost in google play store SEO if you use push notification wisely. 

10. Need no SDK

If I’m not mistaken, there are tons of article out there that explain how SDK, especially G+ one is hard to understand and takes a lot of time to set up. The reason if why the developer uses PWA is because they want less hassle while developing an app and actually be able to focus on its marketing strategy rather than its coding. 

Now as you know PWA apps are better in many ways and good news is that Siberian CMS allows you to create web version of App and which is already good start of PWA and they have plans to implement full featured PWA soon. And there are couple of modules which allows you to do this but lack seamless integration and we have also plans to build PWA module in future after making stuff in hand stable.