Bulk Order Module

This is addon for Commerce Pro Module and it allows user to place order in bulk from commerce pro and thenn request desired quantity of items when needed via Bulk Order Module.

User A places order for 100 items of  Product A and 200 Items of Product B.

Then using Bulk order module,
User A can schedule delivery of  5 items today and 10 Items after 10 days etc.

This way you can offer them good deal to pay in advance and user has option to request delivery when they need it.

This module is good for various businesses
— Whole Sale business – You can offer good pricing for customer to pay in advance and use it later.
— Session based Membership – You can offer package of 30-60-90 session and customer can use session as per
their need later, session don’t expires unless they use it. This can be huge deal for many businesses like club,
restaurants etc

This module is being developed for specific use case from our client and has been improved/revised based on feedback multiple times.

We highly recommend to try demo to evaluate your use case before making purchase.

– You must have commerce Pro to user this module.
– Initial order from customer is placed via commerce Pro and when status is paid then order will be available to use it via bulk order module.
– You must have both commerce pro module ( to place Order) and Bulk order module ( to request delivery ) in app to use this module.


Request Delivery
Your user can buy bulk quantity in advance and request multiple deliveries later for any amount of quantity
Commerce Pro Addon
Customer will buy products from Commerce Pro in Bulk and then Request Delivery from Bulk order module
Status Update
Your customer will get push and email notification on each delivery status update from order editor page.